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Palisade Fencing UK

As part of the First Fence group, Palisade Fencing UK is one of the UKs premier suppliers of palisade fencing in the UK. Our innovative security fencing product provides peace of mind compared to the standard palisade fencing product on the market today.

Palisade Fencing Throughout the UK

We supply palisade fencing on a supply and a supply and fit basis. We have a variety of different finishes available including galvanised and powder coated finish. We can offer a nationwide delivery service and with fast lead times we are the ideal choice for all palisade fencing needs. Give us a call today and we’ll do our best to arrange a delivery service to suit your needs.

Innovative Security Solution

We have designed our palisade fencing to be lighter, stronger and last longer than standard palisade fencing solutions. Our fencing has been carefully designed to be as strong as possible and to maximise security.

Our palisade fence posts have a unique profile which increases the ability of the fence to withstand lateral loading. Not only has that, but below ground the post been designed to provide maximum stability to your palisade fence and reduces the risk of the posts being lifted out of the ground.

We design our palisade pales with additional slanting facets which reduces the chance for intruders to get a grip onto the pales. As well as this, the top rails also include additional barbs which discourage the use of the rail as a hand hold and intruders from scaling the fence.

We ensure that all our pales include a range of standard security features. This includes an advance profile; an advance profile hugely increases strength, its ability to withstand lateral loading and cuts out sharp pale edges. This means that fitting the fence is a lot easier. As well as this, our bolthole design means that intruders are unable to use a chisel to remove the bolts from the fence.

Even our palisade bolts are designed with security in mind. Our anti-tamper bolts are designed so that once the bolt is on and tightened, the top of the nut will snap off. This means that a non-conical surface is left which thieves and intruders will not be able to undo. 


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